Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Babies Galore

This past weekend Jenn and I were privileged to get to go to Charlotte to see Libba and Jorge's new baby girl, Ruthie!! She was only two weeks old and I can't even begin to describe how precious she is. As soon as we got there, Jenn and I both literally dropped our bags and went straight to see her. We had such a good time while we were there. Of course, all the focus was on Ruthie, and we hardly did anything except hold her and ... well, that's about it. Here are some cute pictures from our trip! I assumed I would take hundreds of pictures but I was actually so intent on holding her I forgot about my camera after the first night.

And I realized I haven't posted pregnancy pictures since I was 19 weeks - holy crap! I haven't even taken a picture since 22 weeks, so all of the below pictures are from 21 or 22 weeks.

I will be sure to take one very soon because I'm getting much bigger by the day!

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