Thursday, January 15, 2009


Come back with me... to the past. Granny gave me some old magazines a few weeks ago, and one of the articles in one just begs to be posted here. Does anyone else feel like 2001 was NOT that long ago? I certainly don't, but according to my handy calendar (and amazing mathematical skillz), it really was almost ten years ago!

This article is from a November 2001 Reader's Digest. The title is "DVD Takes on VHS". I want to post some of the funniest (now) lines from the article and just look at the writer's take on DVDs. I have a feeling you will find it really interesting and humorous. Although, of course, hindsight is 20/20.

You've heard the buzz, and now you've got the itch. DVD (digital videodisc technology) is rapidly overtaking videotape as the preferred way to watch movies at home. Worldwide, an estimated 28 million DVD players will be sold this year, compared with about 50 million VCRs. Is it time to go DVD?

Prices for DVD players range from around one hundred to several thousand dollars. Advantages - Unlike videos, discs don't degrade with each viewing, nor is there tape to get tangled in the works. And with DVDs - joy of joys! - rewinding is history. What's more, DVDs often include extras, such as interviews with actors, directors and special-effects designers. Disadvantages - DVDs are pricier than videotapes. At Kmart a new-release movie might cost $18 on tape* but $20 on DVD. And while some 10,000 movies are on DVD, you may have trouble finding certain films in the newer format**. The biggest drawback is that most DVD machines are for playback only. A few models record, but prices start at around $1500.

The bottom line. Videotapes will be around for a while***, but within a decade, say analysts, movie stores will carry mainly DVDs. Resistance is futile: If you like to buy or rent movies, DVD is in your future. For now, though, if you want to record Lassie Come Home at 3 a.m. or watch videos from your library, hang on to the old VCR.

*Seriously?? Did VHS really ever cost $18?
**Take it from me, a reformed Blockbuster addict - by 2003, it was downright impossible to find movies in VHS. We only had a VCR at one point in our apartment and renting movies was a nightmare!!
***At yard sales and thrift stores.
How funny to read that article now, in 2009!!

In other news, mom called me today from the hospice that Grandma is in, and Grandma got on the phone to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to me! She sounded very strong and it was so sweet! Then she made sure to ask how we were doing and tell me who was in the room with her listening to her. Mom said that Jenn got to talk to her last night but since I was in church they wanted to make sure I heard her today.

There really is no other news. Monday night I had Ladies Group at church, and our January meeting is always set up to plan out the year ahead. I am super excited about some of our plans!! I had to miss a lot of Saturday stuff last year because of working at the shelter, so considering I am taking a few months off from there starting in March, maybe I won't miss out on everything. Or maybe I will miss out on more because I'll have a baby? I don't know. We'll find out! I am so ecstatic for the things that are happening in 2009!

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jennifer said...

Ten years ago, WHAT? I graduated from college in 2001! Shouldn't I have ACCOMPLISHED something by now?!

Those excerpts are hilarious. I'm going to make sure Matt reads this - he'll definitely appreciate it.