Monday, April 13, 2009

Impatience, Easter, and A Weekend Off

Oops, I didn't realize it's been almost a week since I posted anything. I should have known we'd be too busy this past week to even get on the computer. Our family from Georgia came into town from Saturday to Wednesday. Of course, both Stephen and I still had to work, but we had some down time at night to play games and go out to eat.

Thursday we had another doctor's appointment. I am now 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced, so at least I'm still making progression. I'm hoping to NOT make it to my doctor's appointment this Thursday!

Friday night we had our Easter drama at church. Stephen videotaped it but there were some issues with the sound system, so even though the video turned out great, there were several times that the audio dipped in and out. We prayed alllll day for the rain to hold off (there was a 40% chance), and sure enough, the second we pulled out of the parking lot, there was a cloudburst. That was awesome! We got home and still had to eat dinner and we wanted to watch the video and all. At around 10:30 I had what I seriously thought was a real contraction. I didn't say anything to Stephen because he's way too excitable. Around 11:30 I had another "thing", this time in my back. But I was so not in the mood to go to the hospital and have to come back home. I mean it was raining cats and dogs outside! Anyway, by the time we went to bed I hadn't had any other feelings, so it looks like it was a false alarm anyway. Well, obviously.

Saturday we were on a mission to find a glider, but it turned out that the place we wanted to go doesn't sell gliders. We called a few local places but I'm sorry, I ain't payin' $500 for a glider. $500!!! Good grief. So I went yard saling quickly before we rode down to Badcock Furniture to check their gliders out. In my opinion, it was very worthwhile!! I got an almost-new Infantino Baby Sling, which we had registered for. And I paid $2!! Sweet! I also got either 6 or 7 diaper covers for five cents each. When I got home we went to Badcock, where we found out that when they say they sell "gliders" they are technically advertising falsely, as they have one glider, and it was well over $300. Our other big errand for the day was to get a new gun safe. We sold our old one and upgraded to a much larger one, partly because I have a lot of documents and things I keep stuffing into the old one. We just needed more room, and Stephen knew he could get a great discount through Ed's Gun Shop. So we went and picked it up, unloaded it, took our old one to his dad's house, ate some Chuckwagon (yums!) and unloaded the old one over there. No, I didn't help unload either safe, so don't freak out. Those things weigh like 600 pounds!! Stephen spent the afternoon catching up on homework that he didn't do during the week, so I was able to do a little reading, watch a little TV, and do some organizational projects that I've been wanting to do. The bad thing about those "projects" is that you can't really tell anything was done. For example, the other night I spent a couple of hours folding all the tissue paper I have and putting it in boxes, and arranging my gift bags, and putting them in a storage box. But can anyone walk into my house and see my hard work? No. I reorganized my craft bag, which took quite a while, but will anyone notice? No. Oh well, it makes me feel better anyway.

Yesterday we had a great Easter service at church. We had sunrise service, and then a delicious breakfast cooked by the men, and then our regular Sunday school and church service. Then we went to Granny and Granddaddy's for lunch with the whole family, and it was absolutely drool-worthy. We had to kind of rush off after eating because Stephen still had more homework to complete by that night. We didn't have church last night, of course, which gave him more time. Meanwhile, I napped for a good two hours to make up for getting up at 5:45 (totally not used to getting up that early!!) and I finished another book. That evening after it had cooled off some, we finally were able to plant our garden for this year. The bees were just too bad any other day - I couldn't even get near my plot. I hope our plants do well this year! Last year we had great luck with our okra and all our herbs, but our squash never came up. This year I planted okra, green bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. I don't expect all of them to come up, and to tell you the truth, I'd be happy if only the okra came up again, but I will be ecstatic if anything else comes up! I can't wait to have a really huge garden, but we just don't have the space, so we really have to pick and choose what we want to plant.

Today Stephen starts swing shift, so it was really odd to wake up and have him be at home. It will be really odd when I get home and he's not there. Hopefully I will be dead asleep when he gets home at midnight or 1:00 (depending on what time he actually gets to leave). This will probably be the shortest shift change ever. As soon as Brianna comes, he'll be home for a couple of weeks anyway, and then soon he should find out about a shop chief job position he applied for. If he gets that job, he has to go back to day shift, so this could be a very short-lived change.

Well, I had something else I was going to blog about but it's slipped my mind, so I guess I'll just write about it if I ever remember it.


Two Scoops of Shoup said...

You are always so crazy busy!

Have you checked craigslist for a glider?

I can't wait to see baby Brianna! Tell her to hurry up LOL!

Oh and I've been a slacker. I have your package sitting here along with two others I need to get mailed, but I've been kinda sick lately so I'm hoping it goes away soon!

I'll let you know when I mail it!

Amanda said...

Oh, I forgot to mention in the blog that we went ahead and ordered a glider. All the gliders on craigslist are $150 and up, and we were willing to pay that for a new one, so we just did that instead of settling for something! I hope you feel better!!