Friday, April 3, 2009

So ready!!

I haven't blogged lately even though we've had a lot going on, because truthfully, all I really want to talk about is my upcoming labor! But I think people are probably pretty tired of hearing about that.

Last Saturday we had a "Meet and Greet" dinner at church. We have just had so many new people visiting, and so many new families joining that people are getting the new people mixed up. It was a chance to get together and eat (we are Baptist, after all!) and just hang out. We had probably 60 or so people show up, so it was a lot of fun. Right before the night ended we each stood up and told how we found our church. It was really interesting, because some people had been there from the very beginning, and some have only been coming a month or less. We had a blast!

Sunday we had our first youth drama of the year. I am doing youth drama this year with my friend Allison. Stephen just happened to be in this drama and has now caught the bug. He has proclaimed that he will be Allison's assistant while I am out on "maternity leave". :) Anyway, I have a video of our practice on Saturday but not the real thing, unfortunately. There was a user error for whoever was using our video camera to shoot it on Sunday. Uh, that would be me. We got our camera on Saturday and I was expected to know how to use it on Sunday! NOT! So I blew it. But at least I captured the practice one. I think I can post it on here, but we haven't really played with it yet.

Monday we went to mom and dad's for their famous hamburgers and french fries. It was so much better than I imagined. I was very upset because I could only hold two burgers. It was devastating.

Yesterday was my 37-week appointment at the doctor's. I am officially 2cm dilated and 70% effaced. I'm having a bit of mild pain today but nothing major. Actually, yesterday I was technically told to "go home and put my feet up" but they said if I really wanted to go to work I could. So here I am - for now anyway. At least I know that if I need to leave, I can. Renee might have a heart attack, but other than that they'll be fine with me leaving. Just kidding!

I would love to go into labor at anytime but I'm just waiting on God's timing! Also there are some great yard sales tomorrow that I REALLY don't want to miss. So I am torn.

Sorry there's not more to update about, but maybe there will be soon!


jennifer said...

Hold off until at least Sunday, Brianna!!!

Renee said...

Amanda, I probably would have a heart attack - but not until after the excitement of Brianna being here cause then the reality would hit that you will not be with me at work :( BUT I really want to see Brianna!!!!!!!