Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Times

Last night we were able to go over to Stephen's family's house for ribs. It's amazing how rarely we actually see them considering we live in the same county, so we were glad when this opportunity arose. We got there, and a couple of members of Stephen's family were there that we didn't realize were going to be there. One was his Aunt Ann and one was his Aunt Pauline. We were really excited because they had never seen Brianna. Aunt Pauline is almost 90 years old, so she was so happy to meet Brianna. After an awesome dinner of ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans (fresh), squash casserole (fresh), corn (fresh), homemade sourdough bread and peach cobbler (from fresh peaches), I was in heaven!! Grandma Betty is such a good cook! We had planned on playing cards, but it was just too nice outside. The boys went and played horseshoes while the women stayed inside and chatted and I fed Brianna. Then we were able to play yet another rowdy game of Redneck Golf!

When we finished that, we realized that we had to take a very necessary picture - we had five generations at the house that night. Aunt Pauline is Brianna's great-great-great-aunt, then there's great-Grandma Betty, Grandpa Steve, Daddy Stephen, and Brianna! Isn't that awesome? I wasn't even sure that I knew any living relatives from five generations back. I know that dad can correct me on that if I'm mistaken.

We got some great pictures, so I want to post them here. There's also a video I took - Brianna is incredibly vocal as of very recently, and she sure showed off that skill last night! But I'll post the video later - with all this rambling and pictures to follow, that'll be enough for one day!

Today I made it to church and through church without Brianna needing to eat. Wahoo! I know that won't happen every week but I can't stand missing several weeks in a row. Then for lunch we were able to have fried squash which is great of course, but even better, two of the squash came straight from our garden! They were sooo good! Our squash looks great this year:

Also, yesterday I was able to swing by work to get some stuff done. It was supposed to be kind of a practice run to see if I can get away with leaving Bri with Stephen after he gets off work until I need to feed her again. I ended up driving 40 minutes total to and from work, and working an hour and five minutes. Whoopee. After Stephen and I talked, we think I could probably stretch it to an hour and a half - maybe - but it just seems so crazy not knowing for sure when she'll need to eat again. That's why I am loving this new writing thing! I can write an article over a whole day or sit down for 30 minutes and get it done. And never leaving Bri's side! (Not that I'm not okay with doing that every so often. Was that the correct use of a double negative...?)

Okay, anyway, here are the pictures I spoke of earlier!!

Grandma Betty gives Bri piano lessons!

Brianna's great-great aunt Ann

The Bunny Chair! (Her new favorite seat)

Redneck Golf:

Brianna's great-great-great aunt Pauline:

Proud Grandpa Steve:

Five Generations!!!

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