Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time Flies

How has it suddenly been almost two weeks since I last blogged? Time is really flying around here. Which is great news for us because it means that it won't be long before Claire arrives!! I am super excited to meet her and start loving on her!

I never blog anymore because I feel like we don't do anything that interesting around here. Every day pretty much consists of staring at Brianna in awe (still), some light housework, running errands, and occasionally meeting someone for lunch. In the past couple of weeks it seems like Stephen and I have had doctor's appointments galore, and it ain't over yet! In fact, one of my appointments coming up on Monday is Brianna's two-month appointment, where she will be blessed with several vaccination shots. Lucky her! So that should be interesting.

Meanwhile, Bri is finally fitting into her cloth diapers. I am really excited about that because I cannot believe the hundreds of diapers we have had to go through, just waiting on her to gain some chunk in order to fit into these! Every day it seems like she smiles and coos more at us. I've got some great videos that I'd love to upload, but I'm not sure how to hook the camcorder up to the computer yet. I'll get on that.

Last week, Stephen's family came and stayed with us a few days. It was nice to have some extra hands on deck for when Brianna just wanted someone to hold her. We were even able to squeeze in a road trip to Eden to see Stephen's grandparents, who had yet to meet Bri! That was a great trip because we hadn't seen them in several months.

Also, Lib and Jorge came into town for a few days, so we were able to see them and finally introduce Brianna and Ruthie! I hadn't seen Ruthie since she was only two weeks old. That's crazy to me. She is definitely a cutie and has such a great personality!

This week mom, dad and I started our weekly lunch dates back. It's a little different now because I usually have to feed Bri in the middle of our card games, but that's a small price to pay! Especially since they're so flexible. For well over a year now - almost TWO! - I have looked forward to Wednesdays because of lunch with them, so I am really excited to get back into that. Especially because I'll get to start making new soup recipes again! I don't know many people other than us that enjoy soup on a 95-degree afternoon.

Today, Jenn accompanied me and Bri to Sonic for lunch, and then we traipsed off to TJ Maxx to see if we could find any good deals. I'm not sure if Jenn did, because Bri began crying of starvation in the shoe aisle, so I made my purchases quickly and left. It was a beautiful day to eat outside, though, and I definitely enjoyed that! Jenn is definitely someone I need to see on a weekly basis or I get fussy.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal around here - church, the occasional book sale, rebate shopping, and mystery shopping. The only new thing is that Jenn has introduced me to the world of freelance writing, so I have started doing that. That sounds so cool! Anyway, last week it took me forever to write a couple of articles and I started thinking maybe I wasn't going to be such a big hit, but in the past two days I've been able to write four more, so maybe it will work out after all! As long as I can sit down and just write, I can pump something out. It's pretty interesting.

Okay, enough talky-talky. Here are some pictures of my not-so-little baby girl!

On our way to Nenah and Papa's!

Jenn definitely learned how to help Brianna relax!

She loved being around her Nenah!

Papa even left work to come home and see his great-granddaughter!

Four generations :)

Verrrry soothing!

Stealing her kisses!

We've GOT to break this habit!

BFFs already

Some very important ladies in Bri's life

Brianna loved being held by her aunt Joy!

So sweet:

Exhaustion sets in:

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