Saturday, August 22, 2009

Such a Girl

I went into the kitchen to make dinner (popcorn) and saw a huge black blob next to the trash can. Over a year ago, I made an informal pact with spiders to be more accommodating and understanding.

Number one, I'm not sure that rule applies when Stephen isn't home.

Number two, I'm not sure it applies to wolf spiders.

I jumped, Brianna jumped (I was holding her), and then I did what any normal person would do. I threw tupperware at the spider, hoping it would land on the spider, capturing it but not killing it. Because I AM still trying to live up to my pact, people. I came really close, hitting the spider's legs a couple of times. Succeeded in driving it under our dishwasher. So now there is a wolf spider living under my dishwasher. I am SO grossed out!! I therefore am confined to the living room and bedroom for the remainder of the evening... or until he is captured. Do I need to confine Brianna to her swing or my arms? As I type this I am having to glance over my shoulder every so often, because my back is toward the kitchen.

If anyone has any bait ideas for wolf spiders, let me know. I don't like this guy, but I'd like him captured alive so he can continue eating our insects.

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