Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Deals!

Today has been such a good day! When I save money, I always get really excited. But you probably know that by now.

This morning Brianna and I were going to go to yard sales and then work a couple of hours. We went to one yard sale and it started misting, so at the second one I left Brianna in the car and just jumped out to see if they had anything good. They had some cookbooks for $1 but nothing spectacular. By that time it really started pouring so rather than make myself soaking wet for no good reason, we went on to work. After I got a lot done there (she was happy there so I wanted to work as long as possible) we headed off toward Harris Teeter. There are a couple of good deals there this week, especially if you're an e-Vic member.

I walked out of Harris Teeter with a 5-lb bag of potatoes for $0.97 and 5 cans of Progresso soup for $0.71 each. Woot woot! Normally Progresso is too expensive for us and we really don't need it but with the sale (Buy 2 Get 3 Free) and coupon ($0.50 doubled) it was cheaper than the store brand.

I was already feeling good about those purchases (I mean, that means I can make some more cheesy potato skins and mashed potatoes) but as I passed by a yard sale we had stopped at on the way to work, it looked like everyone was still outside. At 3:30?? As mom said, they must have been desperate! Like I said in reply, that's what I was hoping!!! I got out of the car and the girl said, "Hey, you're back!" I said, "Yeah, I wanted to see if you were wanting to get rid of any of the cookbooks." She gave an exhausted sigh and said, "Sure - you can have 'em all for $2.00."

And that's how I got 19 cookbooks for $0.11 a piece.

P.S. Tonight we are getting Little Caesar's and watching movies! I love Saturdays! And I made fruit leather today so if you are interested in that watch for the recipe over on my recipe blog.

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