Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night I couldn't sleep because I was so excited about triple coupons. I tried everything to get my restless mind to slow down - reading, working on a puzzle, counting... I finally fell asleep around midnight. I popped up at 7:00 am ready to go! Because surely Brianna would wake up soon and we could head off to triple coupons! Because she is like a little alarm clock who always wakes up at 7:00 am and plus she went to bed early last night!

At 7:20 I decided to bake the cake I'm making for lunch today.

At 7:30 I decided to take a shower.

At 8:00 I decided to fold some laundry and eat a brownie for breakfast.

At 8:15 I started matching up my coupons to the sales paper which I never have time to do.

It is 8:44 and that child is still blissfully asleep! What in the WORLD is she thinking!? I feel like I am on crack I am so restless. I mean, doesn't she know that the Warm Delights go fast and they are on sale this week? Doesn't she know that I have the car packed and ready to go?

Just last night I was complaining to Stephen about how "backed up" I am. I had two loads of laundry to fold, a cake to bake for lunch, was feeding Brianna, trying to clean up from dinner, and trying to piece back her car seat that I had taken apart bolt by bolt because she pooped in it AT CHICK FIL-A yesterday.

Now I have nothing to do and I am frustrated with my 5-month old for sleeping in. Oh, the irony.

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