Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Pictures

Brianna! I can't leave you alone for one minute!!

Sittin' with Grandma in her prayer garden:

These leaves are so darn delicate...

So you see Grandma? That's how God created leaves.


Just ignore the banana up her nose...

Brianna's first teething biscuit:

Want some, mom?


I'm not tired. Not one little bi...Zzzzzzzz.

Brianna! Doggone it, I didn't learn my lesson the first time.

Here's a video of her in her Johnny Jumper that mom and dad loaned us. She does love this thing!


Dawn said...

What a beautiful, happy, bright-eyed girl!!! Are you using that stuff on HER lashes, too? (ha)

Amanda said...

Someone else jokingly made that comment to me a couple of weeks ago when they saw her for the first time in a long time! She does have beautiful long lashes!