Monday, May 31, 2010

#28 and #39

The other day Jenn posted about how soon her 101 in 1001 list is coming to an end. That made me realize how close mine is to the end as well! Mine ends August 31, so I need to get on some of this stuff!

Stephen was happy to oblige me with #28 - Watch the Lord of the Rings series and actually give it a chance. We finally marked that off the list this weekend. I did give it a chance. I am still not a fan. Alas.

#39 - Make homemade spaghetti sauce is blogged about on my recipe blog.

There are several things that are in progress right now - mainly trying to make fluffy yeast rolls. I can make great tasting yeast rolls, but they aren't pull-apart fluffy like at Golden Corral or Ryan's. That's what I'm going for. I'm also planning on finishing up a couple of my other ones this summer - reading a series, finishing my Bible, and working at Habitat for Humanity. I am going to copy Jenn though - if anyone has any ideas that could help me complete one of my goals, I would love some help! You can find my list on the side of my blog, with the items crossed off that I have already completed. I do realize some just won't be completed this time around - I can't ride a mechanical bull or donate plasma for example, but there are some that are still within reach.


Renee said...

Well, I have seen and LOVE your pics from Todd and would be interested in purchasing one AND something crafty you have made. I also have the greatest (not the easiest) cheesecake recipe if you're interested.

Jennifer Kirby said...

#20 - I'll go with you if you can find this around here.

#59 - I recently got Claire's passport and renewed Mimi's so I'll be happy to help if you have questions (or want company on the ride to Robbins)

#70 - Has Bri not forced you to check this off yet?

#86 - We would LOVE to play bocce ball in your back yard! This is the perfect time of year for it, too.

I think you're doing awesome on your list, though! You've already checked off so many! Love you.