Saturday, November 20, 2010

#45 - Picnic at Morrow Mountain

It just worked out today that we were able to go to Morrow Mountain this afternoon for a picnic and hike! Stephen and I packed up the kids and met mom and dad. We drove up around lunchtime and had packed picnic lunches to chow down on. After lunch, we hiked one trail and then spent some time down by the river.

Of course, first things first - EAT!

Then we have to burn off the calories from lunch:

And examine leaves!

Beautiful view from the mountain:

Brianna hitched a ride with Grandpa!

She wanted to give "knuckles" to all the trees within reach:

And Grandpa obliged her whenever he could:

Brianna ducked, but we still had to stuff the backpack under this low branch!

Down to the river:

This is more on Brianna's level:

Drop rocks in the water? Why, yes I will!

Hunter did come with us - I just didn't take very good pictures when he was around for some reason. Sorry!

Bri loved to hear the big splash that the rocks made... but where did they go after she dropped them??? Mystery...

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Ken Loyd said...

Wonderful! Your exceptional blog captured all the fun things we enjoyed on this beautiful day. Ready to go again!