Thursday, January 6, 2011


These are all pictures from before we left for Georgia. So within the next couple of days I hope to have up one or more blogs about our annual trip to Georgia! Anyway, it took forever to upload these so most will not have captions or anything. Most are self-explanatory.

First and last big snow of 2010!

(not our house... how weird is it that I took pictures of our neighbors' houses and not ours??)

Strong man!

One Wednesday after spending quality time at mom and dad's... I put her in the Pack N Play thinking it would wake her up! I ended up changing her diaper right here and she never even moved.

Precisely one week after that last picture... after quality time with mom and dad. Hmm.. starting to see a pattern!!

Looks like she's been in a gang fight, but it's just Nutrigrain.

Chillin' with my bro.

Moms, Grandmas, etc. Don't freak out about this next picture! I went in to check on Hunter one evening while he was napping in his swing... somehow he ended up like this and never once woke up!!

I was afraid to move him (didn't want to wake him up!) and I couldn't go to bed while he was sleeping like this, so I had to stay up until he woke up to eat. So funny! He slept really well too...