Saturday, April 30, 2011

Great At Blogging

I am so good at blogging! I'm so good at blogging I totally neglected to blog about the fact that my daughter is now two years old! Between housework, keeping up with two kids, Kindermusik, volunteering at my friend's store, working at Carpet One, restocking Fed By Faith, making deliveries to tornado victims, being sick for a week, preparing for our women's Bible conference in July, going to our ladies group at church and small group, starting our food co-op pickups, mystery shops, doctor's and dentist appointments, and our Easter drama at church, all happening in the last two weeks, I simply haven't had the time to blog.

Now I just have to remember everything I've been wanting to blog about.

One thing I was so excited about was my last appointment at the dentist. I have bragged about them before but I just really love all the hygienists there and the dentist. I have been there three times since Hunter was born to have cavities filled that I couldn't have done while I was pregnant. So I am real friendly with all the employees there! Anyway, at my last appointment, we were celebrating because it was my last cavity being filled. As I was checking out, one of the hygienists came up to me and told me they chose me to be the patient of the week! It turns out they do choose a patient every week. I was definitely more excited than I probably should have been. I was telling everyone I could about it! They gave me a very nice travel mug and Starbucks card. So sweet!!

I've been working at my friend Allison's store once or twice a week to help her out a little bit. Brianna and Hunter love being out there, and it helps Allison get to work in the back room and catch up some, so it's a win-win! Unfortunately, every time I go there I find something I want to buy for the kids! The first time it was a magnetic easel which I am so glad I found! Both Bri and Hunter love it already! Since then I have racked up on clothes for both of them! The store has such cute stuff and such a variety! I just love being out there for a few hours a week.

Our food co-op has already started for the summer and we are loving it!! Our first box had asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, strawberries, spinach, onions... I think that's it. Ohhhh, it's so good! On top of that we planted a bigger garden this year. Stephen tilled an area about 17x15 and we planted okra, carrots, onions, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, butternut squash, sunflowers, strawberries, green peppers, and watermelon. I think that's everything. I can't wait to be outside keeping up the garden this summer! Brianna already loves being out there. She even says, "Water garden!" She helped plant most of the seeds. We had a great time getting everything ready. The watermelon has already sprouted... now where in the world am I going to transplant it??

We had our annual Easter drama at church which was absolutely amazing as always, and the best thing is that because I had a non-speaking role, I only had to go to the last couple of night practices. I didn't make it to sunrise service on Sunday for Easter because although one child was up (Hunter), by the time Brianna got up, Hunter was back in bed! Stephen went to church at 5am to cook breakfast with the other men, so he just stayed at church and we stayed at home. We all went to lunch at Granny and Granddaddy's though, which was incredible as always.

I think I should post Brianna's birthday party pictures since they are almost a month old now.

We had her party after our Vegas trip at a local park, Camelot.

Bri got TONS of cool gifts. See that watering can? It is helping greatly in our garden!

After opening just a few presents, Bri was very bored with that whole process. We ended up opening the rest at home.

And then on her actual birthday, the 18th, we Skype'd with our Georgia family so they could see her open their presents that she didn't open at her party.

And just so you can remember what Hunter looks like:

I still didn't blog about everything I wanted to, but in consideration of everyone reading this, I'll stop now. I'll try to blog more soon!

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