Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Ever? Uh, Yeah!

Let me tell you about the best sister ever. Knowing that I am frantically trying to pack for an upcoming trip and plan Brianna's birthday party at the same time, she came over today, and was basically my slave for two hours.

How many people would show up to your house and wash dishes? Put the pillowcases on the pillows? Run crowd control for four kids under two years old? Feed your baby? Make sure your baby eats food and not books? Enter items on ebay for you?

I mean, not many people would do that.

It is really hard for me to ask for help, but while Jenn did that kind of stuff, it enabled me to clean bathrooms, mop, clean out the refrigerator, do tons of laundry, and all kinds of other things I would have been staying up late to finish tonight!!

I can't thank you enough Jenn! I love you!

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Jennifer Kirby said...

YOU were doing all the hard work -- I was just glad I got to hang out with you! So glad I got to see you before Vegas. Have an awesome time and we'll see you Saturday! I love you!