Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#90 - A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is a photo project where, basically, you try to take a picture during each hour of the day. I thought this would be so much fun because I love taking pictures, and I can never remember what we do all day because it's so "normal" seeming. I decided yesterday to go on and mark this off my 101 list. It was kind of cool finding something each hour to take a picture of... I think I am going to do it again soon!

The 9:00 Hour: We usually wake up around 9:00 each morning. I know, this sounds so late to me, but at this point, still getting up with Hunter every few hours, I don't feel lazy! This is a very typical morning... when Brianna wakes up I get up and either keep quiet so I don't wake up Hunter or I put him down to play, depending on if he's awake or not. I get Brianna whatever she wants for breakfast, and then I get my coffee. While I sip my coffee I stand next to Brianna and usually try to clip a handful of coupons.

The 10:00 Hour: I have a ton of bread in my freezer and it's basically just taking up room because I can't find anyone to take it off my hands but I'm not going to use it all either. So every couple of days I make a batch of breadcrumbs. We use breadcrumbs in a lot of recipes - primarily pork chops and chicken tenders - so these will get used fairly quickly!

The 11:00 Hour - At this point in the day I was putting away the kids' laundry. While I do that I always rifle through their closets and drawers and I try to find things to sell or give away. I found a few more things to throw in my "to sell" box!

The 12:00 Hour - Lunch time! This is what Brianna asked for for lunch.

Lunch: The Aftermath.

The 1:00 Hour - If we don't have any errands to run I like to find something fun to do together during the day. On this day, Brianna and I made Rice Krispies treat houses. She decorated them with gumdrops, candy balls, and frosting. Okay, I did the windows and door for frosting. But she did everything else. Turns out she would only eat the gumdrops. That's okay because I would rather eat the house!

The 2:00 Hour - At this point I was cleaning out the refrigerator. SO. MUCH. FUN.

The 3:00 Hour - Brianna had just laid down for a nap... time for some Hunter and Mommy play time!!

The 4:00 Hour - Making the bed. See how exciting my life is??

The 5:00 Hour - On our way home from Kindermusik! Still shaking our jingle bells!

The 6:00 Hour - On my way to Ladies Group at church.

The 7:00 Hour - I was in Bible study at church... didn't get to snap a picture.

The 8:00 Hour - See "The 7:00 Hour".

The 9:00 Hour - I was driving home from "The 7:00 Hour".

The 10:00 Hour - Hunter looks how I feel!

This was such a fun project. You can see I get to do such fun stuff during the day (things with the kids) and also such yucky but necessary things (laundry, cleaning fridge). This was a very typical day around our house. I guess that's why I love every day I have here!!


Ken Loyd said...

What a fun day-- mostly. Other than the pics of the kids, my favorite is the "aftermath of lunch." (As Jughead would say, "Uh, isn't English after math?"

Brooke and Johnathan said...

What a neat idea! I'll have to remember to do this after Anna Rae is born, although I'm sure most of the pictures will be of a sleeping baby! (Hopefully!)

Amanda said...

I would love to do this again! I always think, "What did we DO today? Where did the time go?" Now I know!!