Wednesday, July 4, 2012

End of May

Got to get some pictures off my phone! These are all from the end of May which means I am WAY behind!

Bubbles. Still a crowd favorite after three years. Do bubbles ever go out of style?

My daughter, the fashion queen!

This is the kind of sweet treat I can look forward to when the kids play with their Ice Cream Shoppe playdoh set! Waiter, there's a lizard in my ice cream!

This is a walkie-talkie in Brianna's Barbie Jeep that is regularly turned into a microphone for Bri to sing into... or shove in YOUR face to hear YOU sing!

I was trying to catch a picture of Hunter's own fashion style - the bracelet worn on the top of the arm. I think he gets that style from his cousin Claire!

Reading together:

Why I hate going to the store with Hunter:

Loving our fresh corn from our produce boxes!!

These pictures are from a day that cousin Kaleb was at our house!

Chocolate cake party right before bedtime! You can't beat that!

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Ken Loyd said...

I love every single picture!