Monday, July 23, 2012

Videos of the Kids

Two videos to share with you today - from waaaay back in May! They're both short, don't worry. :)

This first video shows Brianna trying out one of her birthday presents. The Kirbys got her a new pair of roller skates and it didn't take long for her to test them out! She couldn't do anything alone though. She wanted us to hold her hands everywhere she went. Finally in just a few days I was able to convince her to go on the carpet by herself. After that we got her on the hardwood floors by herself and just pretended like she was learning to walk all over again! She loves these things!

This video shows Brianna's dance moves. There is a song on my Itunes that the kids LOVE called "ABC Rock". When I took this video we had already listened to the song about 8 times in a row and I finally decided to videotape it. Brianna made up the dance moves all by herself. :)

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