Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Week of June

 I am trying so hard to get pictures off my camera! I'm running out of free space. :)

Once Hunter figured out how to climb up on Brianna's bike, she was more than happy to push him around. He doesn't know how to steer so every couple of feet she has to drag him away from the trash can/dishwasher/wall/couch/etc. It's so funny!

Brianna's friend Morgan had a birthday party the first weekend of June. It was a Tangled theme!

Then one night we went to Meagan and Joe's house for dinner and games. Turns out they have a hamster, and Bri and Hunter loved watching it run in it's little ball!

Masters of Rock Band:

We got home very, very late for these kids. I went to plug in my phone to charge it and turned around and here was Hunter, asleep.

Brianna's beautiful new "Princess" nightgown courtesy of the Coalition!

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