Thursday, July 19, 2012

Third Week of June AKA Daddy Was Gone

No, you didn't miss a week. I didn't take ANY pictures during the second week of June, I guess. Or else I've already put them in another blog. Who knows. This week in June Stephen was gone to Camp Anchorage with the youth group so I was a single parent for a few days!

But first - we got Rock Band from the Blaise yard sale fundraiser that I helped out at. It didn't come with drumsticks but we quickly remedied that by using some that the Kirbys gave Brianna when she was just a baby! Brianna and Hunter LOVE the drums. It is too funny to watch them play!

For Father's Day we were able to have a cookout with Stephen's family. His grandma has chickens, cows, and ducks so Brianna was thoroughly entertained!!

Here she is showing me around the chicken coop:

Now she is showing me how you feed the ducks:

Inside, Grandma Betty reads to Brianna and Hunter. She knows that even when the kids keep on moving, they are still paying attention to a good story!

Classic picture of Bri - in motion - jumping on a couch.

A few days later at Grandma and Grandpa's, Grandpa caught a snake for the kids! Just their size. He was just a tiny garden snake. Perfect for them to watch in a small bucket.

#14 on my 101 in 1001 list (kind of forgot about that, didn't ya!) - Grown Sunflowers. Done and done! These are the seeds that were given to us by a volunteer at Brianna's school. She thought they were watermelon seeds. This picture doesn't do them justice - they are now over 7 feet tall!

We also had baby birds. I never did learn what type of bird laid these eggs. Brianna and I diligently checked on them every day, taking care not to scare the mama when she was on the nest. Within just a couple of weeks we were rewarded by seeing the new baby birds! Just two days later they were already gone from their nest. I would love to see more before the summer is over!

And our blueberries finally turned! I love having blueberry bushes plus the blueberries from Sandhills Farm 2 Table. That means we ALWAYS have blueberries in the fridge and the freezer and that makes me happy!

And... lima beans! Right next to our sunflowers! Very random. We only got three beans, never harvested them because it didn't seem worth it, and the plants are dead now.

Stephen was gone to camp with the youth from church for one week so I kept his spirits up by sending him pictures from my phone!

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Jennifer Kirby said...

7 feet! That's how I imagined sunflowers when I was a little girl, but I honestly didn't know they really got that tall! That is awesome.