Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Day at the Park in February

Nothing like a sunny day in the middle of winter to make you want to pack a picnic lunch and go to the park!

I have realized that one of my (many) failings as a mother has been that I don't go outside with my kids as often as I should. I make a lot of excuses in the winter months because I can't STAND the cold. Frankly, I am quite content sitting next to the fire, curled up with a blanket, drinking coffee and playing Candyland (and other similar games) over and over and over again. Quite. With small snack breaks. But lately I have come to realize that although it's great I'm spending quality time with the kids, they need fresh air every day, if possible. So I am motivated to get them (and myself) outside every day (weather permitting), yes, even if it's cold to me, just long enough to let them run amuck and I can clean out my car and sweep the garage. It is working out very well for us.

So yesterday, when it was a refreshing 60 degrees outside, we hit the park! A local park is only six miles from our house and yet we have never even been to it. See? I'm telling you, there is a problem here!

Pretty sure I overpacked for the picnic... here you can see peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, pretzels, yogurt, raisins, chocolate cake, cottage cheese, strawberries, clementines and their vitamins. But honestly, the only thing that came back intact were the raisins!

Keep in mind we had never been to this playground, so I was so proud of Brianna when she climbed this rock wall all by herself! She did it with ease, probably two dozen times, once she realized how quickly she could do it.

She found this 4-year old to play with and they played so well together for such a long time! They didn't stop to catch their breath once. It was so much fun watching them make up games together.

My goal this summer is - picnic once a month, park twice a month. I'd LOVE to do the park once a week but realistically with our schedules, I don't believe it would really happen.

Other fun happenings have been going on this week!

Monday I finally got to hit up Kindermusik with JUST Hunter. Stephen rarely gets off work when he is supposed to, so Bri has been going to class with us (not a problem, except that I think Hunter just needs some alone time with me at times). So it was really nice that we got to do that together and Stephen and Bri got some daddy-daughter time by themselves.

Tuesday I got to do a coupon class at Pinehurst Surgical. I had a blast with these ladies! I love coupon classes because they are so laidback and fun. One of the ladies I met there exchanged blogs with me. Please go check her out at A Mother's Journal and Dylan's Dress. After looking over these blogs I love both of them! I think Lynn and I would get along very well if we could find time to get together outside of a coupon class. :)

Yesterday, of course, we did the park/picnic thing. We didn't have church because they are putting tile in our foyer, so I took a mystery shop so we'd have a yummy, free dinner. Who can pass that up??

Today we spent the day at Glen and Geneva's house. This is a couple at church who babysits Bri and Hunter for me when I have Fed By Faith errands to run. But today was just a social visit. I like to catch up with them every so often. We made crafts (I need to take pictures) and the kids were treated to baking and eating chocolate chip cookies before lunch! Something special always happens at "Miss Neva's" house! These are my friend Cindy's parents so they are near and dear to my heart but I just love hanging out with them. They give great advice, they are fun, and they don't care how messy/loud/cranky the kids are! The kids love them too, and talk about them all the time around the house.

Tomorrow we have a playdate schedule with a friend from high school. I haven't seen her since I graduated and she's in town for a few days, so I am super excited to reconnect with her! She has three kiddos, and two of them are the ages of Bri and Hunter, so I know we will have a ball. Tomorrow night is a pajama party for a friend of ours from church, so Bri and Hunter are super excited to go to a party in their PJ's! I think they are going to be so confused, haha!

Saturday night is our Sweetheart Banquet at church. We've gone every year since we moved here (so, I think this is our 5th banquet) and we are bound and determined to win the Newlywed Game every year! We'll see... never seems to matter how much we "practice", the questions are never what we think they will be! It's always a night full of incredible food and TONS of laughter, so I'm excited.

We have re-painted our bathroom and I want to post pictures but the lighting is really bad and the picture doesn't do it justice. I'll try to post them soon anyway because the bathroom looks SO good. Next up: master bedroom? Maybe. If you haven't checked out Sandhills Paint, you really should. Joe knows what he's doing and I trust him 1000% with every painting project. 

Okay, I think that's it for now! I'll try to post more pictures soon because they are taking up TONS of free space on my phone!

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