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Crucifying Morality Review

I have just finished reading the book "Crucifying Morality" by R. W. Glenn. The subtitle of this book is "The Gospel of the Beatitudes" so I that really got me curious. I love the beatitudes, but after being in church my whole life, I really was not sure there was anything new I could learn about them.

Glenn goes through each beatitude individually, but he gets straight to the point. He explains in the beginning of the book that although many people see the beatitudes as commands, he does not believe that is actually how Jesus meant them. He believes that because Christians have felt the grace of God, these characteristics of the beatitudes naturally follow that. As he so aptly states, a Christian knows that he could never "muster up" these characteristics on his own without Jesus. His point is that you should not seek to be a peacemaker. You should not seek to be meek. Seek Jesus, and all of these other things will fall into place.

The author is great at relating these beatitudes to our everyday lives. He makes each beatitude easy to understand and kept me interested throughout the entire book. One thing that he adds to this book which I really enjoyed are the study questions at the end of each chapter. One section of questions is for you to read over and make sure you comprehend what the chapter was about. One set of questions is for you to relate the chapter to you personally. "For Your Church" wants you to connect your learnings to your local church, and the last set of questions wants you to apply all these to your community. Honestly, we should apply these ideas every time we read anything biblical.

I highly recommend this book. I believe it will help you understand the beatitudes, especially if you've heard them your whole life and think you know everything about them. This book will definitely get you thinking and hopefully put some of those thoughts into action.

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