Saturday, April 13, 2013

Picture Update

It is really pathetic that I have pictures from last September and October I haven't posted yet!! I'm going to try to catch up on some of my pictures in the next couple of weeks. Get them off my phone and immortalize them on the blog forever...

Just a couple of pictures from the October Impact service. I was so proud of my husband for being the speaker that month! He did an awesome job. There is a Youtube video somewhere but I don't know how to find it...

Pastor Appreciation Sunday!

 Welcoming some new members to the church! (Normally I don't take pictures of this but I happened to have my phone in church on this Sunday!)

My beautiful girl:

 And a sleepy little boy!

Hunter puts 100% into his "cheese" face!

Wrapping presents for Angel Tree had an extra positive thing that came from it - the kids got new tunnels for their Hot Wheels cars every time I used up a roll of wrapping paper :)

And we got a new screen at church! Since then we've upgraded to have another monitor put in at the back of the church so those of us in the choir don't have to crane our necks to see the videos!

Nenah sent a toboggan and scarf set to me and Brianna... Hunter loved it too though!

Been meaning to get these pics up FOREVER! Here is Hunter's BFF at church - Prescilla. Silly faces!


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