Thursday, January 22, 2015

December 2014 Pictures

For a Christmas present/fun excursion for the kids, we went with one of our favorite families to Fayetteville for a fun Sunday on December 21.

First we went to our Dad's "office". It was so cool! The kids had an awesome time touring the airplanes, "flying" the planes, talking over the headsets to one another, and learning all about what Daddy does at work!

Then, after a delicious dinner at Zaxby's, we went to Frozen on Ice!

30-second video of the kids' favorite character:

Not the same day, but we made a gingerbread train this year instead of a house. Much cooler.

A couple of days before Christmas we went and saw a friend from church and her husband, who can't get out to church due to disabilities. He heard that Brianna is an aspiring artist and he had all kinds of cool stuff set up for her. He helped her paint this beautiful heart on a canvas. She really treasures that picture! These are great memories.

Finally finished our Ralph S. Mouse trilogy! We read #1 over the summer, then #3 a couple of months later because our library never had #2 in stock. We finally were able to check it out. It was my least favorite of all three but I'm glad we read the whole series.

Bri and Hunter got letters from Santa!! They filled out these cute sheets that Santa left on Aunt Joy's doorstep and then we mailed them off. Santa then wrote a letter back - you can see it is really postmarked from the North Pole! This was a cute thing I saw online and thought I would try. They thought it was pretty cool but they weren't amazed like I thought they would be!

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