Monday, January 19, 2015

Live: Your Life With Christ (Review)

This review is for the study "Live: Your Life With Christ" by Rebecca Manley Pippert. A DVD is provided which is used in conjunction with the book. This is the first part of a Live-Grow-Know series.

This is one of the best Bible studies I have seen. It is really broken down for new believers, or to strengthen the beliefs of mature Christians. In this study questions are answered in a way that you are really learning apologetics. You will be much more confident with the truth of Jesus dying and being resurrected, and who He claimed to be. This study pulls together scripture so you can feel confident in your beliefs.

There are five chapters. Each contains the historical background of what you will be discussing, the scripture and discussion questions, how to apply this learning to your life, how it applies to following Jesus, true life stories that are applicable, how to pray over this particular section, and then a section for deeper reflection. The DVD shares true stories from other believers around the world as well as Rebecca Manley Pippert herself discussing the most important parts of the book.

I really enjoyed this. The DVD was not dull, nor was the book. They both kept my attention and got me excited. I was especially excited to share some of my findings from the book with our youth group at church. I think this would be a great study to do over a few weeks with other believers or even those who are curious about Christianity but just not there yet.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for a copy of the book and DVD in exchange for my honest review.

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