Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kindergarten - Day 81 and Day 82

Day 81 - Monday, January 5 - Winter break is over!

Every month we are going to be studying a godly characteristic that we want to embody and incorporate into our daily lives. In January we are learning about "Joy".

Bible story:

Missionary story:

Poetry time:


 We're starting science this semester!

Good thing we have this guy around! Our resident handyman/protector!

 Bri's latest favorite read by Arnold Lobel. One of my favorite authors!

 Day 82 - Tuesday

Our "Joy" craft:  The kids scribbled on paper (it was very hard to get Bri to understand the concept of scribbling instead of drawing something specific!) and then I cut it into the shape of a heart. I wrote a Bible verse pertaining to joy on a piece of construction paper, and they glued their heart on the paper. I laminated them so they won't tear up as easily.

One of our favorite games - Hedbandz. Kind of like 20 Questions but more fun because you get to look goofy!

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