Saturday, January 24, 2015

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer

I saw this idea on My Crazy Blessed Life and I was excited to try it. The idea behind this is that sometimes our young children become dramatic and worked up (I think it's safe to say most of us have children with this issue!). Sometimes they can get so worked up that you cannot talk reasonably to them. In some of these situations the child needs to be in a "Time Out", not for punishment, but simply to calm down. That's what I liked about this idea. It's not a punishment, but it gives the child something to focus on and it helps their mind slow down.

The blogger suggests a tall, plastic water bottle. I just happened to have a free rebate for two Clear Choice waters which gave me the perfect bottles. She used a Smart water bottle.

She removed the label. I did not, due to the style of label on the bottle.

Next, she filled the bottle with 3/4 hot water, a bottle of glitter glue, and a tube of fine glitter. She then used super glue to glue the bottle lids on.

I got my glitter glue and fine glitter from the Dollar Tree, so this was a really cheap craft. Mine don't look as pretty as hers, but they serve their purpose. My kids love them and actually utilize them at other times than just when they are upset. I will find them by my daughter's bed at night, or they may bring them in the car on a long road trip. Isn't it crazy how much money we spend on toys for our children and then simple things like this entertain them so much?

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