Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Be a thinker, not a stinker.

I kept putting off updating this, because I had pictures to post. I've decided now that if I keep putting it off, this blog will go under as so many have before. I must explain why posting pictures on here is such a chore. My camera software is on the computer downstairs. My main computer upstairs is Windows ME, and if you know anything, you know ME means trouble. It can't handle the software. So. I have to upload my pictures to the computer downstairs, put those pictures to my flash drive, and then upload them from there to my computer upstairs (the one connected to the internet.) So it's kind of a hassle. I have a couple of pictures from the weekend, though. Friday night I walked in from work, and my lovely hubby was heating up the charcoal from our new (free) grill. He surprised me with steaks and corn on the cob. I loved it, mainly because I knew the neighbors could smell it, and it made me happy to know that they were jealous of us for about 10 minutes. That's how I used to be whenever I smelled other grillers. Okay, I still am.

Saturday morning we got up to go to yard sales. We got some great deals, and then headed over to Lowe's to spend the money we saved from buying at yard sales instead of stores. We went landscaping shopping. We got two beautiful hanging baskets and a pink hydrangea bush. As soon as we got home Stephen began planting and I began stew beef in the crockpot. Our whole day was spent back and forth outside - gazing lovingly at our new flowers, cleaning out boxes from the garage - and then back to inside, where we'd watch bits of TV shows we taped and smell the stew beef permeate the air. Jenn called me in the afternoon to see if they could come over, which excited me. It was nice to laze around and just chat, and watch Daniel Tosh's stand-up act, and eat cheesecake.

Sunday Well, as I was updating this on Tuesday, June 12, we had such a bad storm at work that the power went down. Well, after parts of our building were hit by lightning of course. I have no clue what I was going to say about Sunday. Yesterday I went to Blockbuster because we had a free movie, and it turned out I had a credit on my account so we got two movies for $0.52. Now THAT'S a bargain. We got Hannibal Rising and Deja Vu. (My picks.) We watched part of Hannibal Rising last night. It was more boring than I expected thus far.

I started this new application on Facebook. It's called iRead, and you list every book you've read, are reading, and want to read. I am way too addicted to it already. It's made me want to put a book list on here, like Jenn has on her blog. If I have time today I'll do that.

Today I'm eating lunch with mom and I'm quite excited. Tim, Renee and I ate at San Felipe yesterday and it was just incredible. But lunches with mom are great because we try new things often, or have foods I haven't had in a long time (like toasted cheese). I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

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jennifer dare kirby said...

With or without pictures, I love your blog. Please don't let it die!