Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cake and cookies and ice cream, oh my!

I am stealing borrowing copying Jenn's picture from the Memorial Day cookout because I don't have any pictures from last night's party yet. Maria and Laura took tons of pictures so hopefully I'll have some soon. I, of course, forgot my camera. I hate that, because I absolutely love taking pictures of everything. We had a party for our graduate last night at church. We had cake, cookies, ice cream, sugary drinks, and chips. And then after our lesson played kickball. Needless to say when we got home last night both Stephen and I were feeling slightly sick. And I didn't even win kickball, so it was all for naught. We pretty much decided last night to go rock climbing with the youth group. Stephen and I are certified and we can go to the place in Aberdeen, where we know Joel who runs the place. And it's really cool - they have an inverted wall that is SO dang tough to get over.

I went back to my Doublewide Doctor today for my annual. I wanted to take a picture of the doublewide in all its run-down glory, but then Stephen reminded me I could be arrested for taking pictures on an Air Force Base. It's not really worth it, I suppose.

This will be our first weekend in the house with Stephen off work. I may even skip yard sales on Saturday to lay around with him and do nothing. Well... depends on how good they are this weekend. Tomorrow I'm lunching with mom. I'm making a new recipe of mine - tomato basil soup. It looks very yummy so I'm excited about it! I just love cooking new recipes. If only groceries weren't so expensive. I'm becoming a coupon clipping, sales paper snatching maniac. Well, better that than just a maniac.

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