Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm dividing this weekend into two different posts because there's such cute pictures from each big event. I'll start with White Lake because it was the longest ago. Friday I left work early to drive down to White Lake to meet Jenn C. and company. When I got there in the afternoon, it was cooling off and everyone was ready to come in from the lake. So we ate dinner at Jenn's mom and dad's, with like 10 other people from her family. Then Jenn, Diana, Lindsey and I went to play 25 cent Bingo. I lost $3 on that junk! It was so much fun. It was definitely competitive. Jenn won once and got a slinky for Zoe. Then we went to play putt-putt (all of this was within 75 yards of our hotel) and I almost won with my mad putt-putting skills. But Diana is a real golfer, and she whupped us. After that, we went and got blizzards from DQ, and then strolled back over to Jenn's mom and dad's to hang out for a little bit. This morning we got up early for breakfast and to go to the gift shop, and were on the beach by about 9. It was cloudy up until that time, so we were in no hurry. That's pretty much what we did from 9-1 except take a break for lunch. Just walked the pier, played with Zoe, hung out with everyone, and laid out. So much fun! So here are the pictures that go with Friday night and Saturday day:

Okay, I know almost all of those pictures are of Zoe, but isn't she just too precious!? The last picture is Jenn's stepfather Gene, in a rainbow hat that says, "Let's Face It - I'm Cute". It's Zoe's. He's hilarious. Alright, let's see if I can get these other pictures/post up from the rest of tonight. I'm also trying to watch the UFC fight with Jenn Klann, Josh, Stephen, and Corky. So I shall return!

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