Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Post

You've been warned. This may be all pictures of baby-related stuff. This is going to be a very random post because I'm just trying to catch up on all these pictures!!

This is me at 19 weeks. Sorry it's so blurry - just imagine it as "art".

An outfit my girl in-laws bought for Baby Bri: I love the footsies!!

Another one they got us. This is Stephen's favorite one!!

Friday we went to lunch at 195 with mom and dad. Afterwards, we wanted to hit the Coalition and Moore Music. But as we drove past Doodlebugs (a children's thrift store), we saw a really cute bassinet sitting out front! So after we racked up at the Coalition (lots of baby clothes hangers and two dresses for Brianna), we went back over to Doodlebugs. The bassinet that had caught our eye ended up being pretty fragile and not really what we were looking for. But as we stepped inside, another one made us stop and look! So much so that we grabbed Josh's iPhone to compare prices online and make sure we were about to get a good deal. Once we were assured that $60 was a good price, we bought it! It's a 3-in-1 bassinet. It turns into a rocker, and has a changing table. The mobile has a nightlight, music with lights, and toys. The whole bassinet vibrates on a couple of different speeds. (I love that!) It also straps to the bed if you want it to (which I doubt I will.)

Just some Thanksgiving pictures of me and Stephen:

These are my 20-week pictures. Sorry they're blurry again!

I am really starting to feel huge, but I also know I should be really proud of my body right now! My beautiful baby girl is in there, flipping around to her heart's content. So I have to make sure to have good accomodations for her!


Libba Lemon said...

Honey you look AWESOME!!! SO beautiful and happy! Hope to see you soon, miss you lots!

Ken Loyd said...

Wonderful blog! We are almost as excited as you over everything you mentioned. Your grapefruit is becoming a canteloupe, and will soon be a watermelon! And you just had to include your picture with a "halo." Look back; you'll see it, too. : )