Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lessons Learned

Brianna and I went on our longest adventure today. Well, our longest shopping adventure. I've been trying not to overload her on excursions, and just picking one or two errands to run at a time. But today I decided just to go for it and get as many things done as possible. She did great, and we learned several lessons along the way.

Our first stop was the post office. We learned not to talk to the girl behind the counter while she's on a personal call. She assumes everything you're sending goes first-class, and rings it up without asking, and then gets irritated when you interrupt her ("He said WHAT!?!?) to tell her you are sending it all media mail.

Next up was Walgreens, where I taught Bri to never pay more than $0.99 for a roll of paper towels, and if they're on sale for $0.59, you buy as many as they'll let you! (Still cheaper than most bulk packages when not on sale). I also taught her how to get some toothpaste for free.

At Rite Aid, we learned how to do rebates, and I taught her to never pay more than $1 for shampoo or conditioner. Seriously, there is no reason to ever pay more. I also picked up the prescription that will ensure (hopefully) that Bri is an only child for many more months.

Then the big stop... Walmart! Her first trip actually inside Walmart! I expected to get about halfway through my grocery list and have to leave. But she did awesome.

None of these stores make it easy to take a 3-week old baby shopping. Her car seat doesn't fit in the carts of any except Walmart, and then I had to pack the groceries around her. Not easy! She can't sit up yet (obviously), so what else am I supposed to do? At other stores I end up carrying her in one hand in the carseat and carrying a weighted-down basket in the other. Not convenient. Get a clue, stores! You should definitely cater more to moms! Aren't they your prime shoppers!?

The whole adventure took about 2 1/2 hours and she was incredibly well-behaved the whole time. I am getting spoiled rotten by this charming baby! We took her to a book sale yesterday but I was the only one who got anything. With $1 paperbacks and $2 hardbacks, we tend to become really picky. I did buy three books and can't even believe I spent that much money. How cheap do I sound? Stephen said we've just gotten too used to paying 10 cents, 25 cents per book at other library sales and book sales. Of course he's right.

Speaking of, now that I am home, I really want to start hitting yard sales during the week whenever possible. I was always disappointed when I would read about a great yard sale and then see that they were doing it Friday and Saturday. You know that by Saturday all the goods are gone. Now it's my turn to swoop in! I am so there! Actually, there's one that's starting tomorrow, and since Bri and I are doing our first mystery shop together, we might just celebrate by going yard saling first. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

I feel retired, and I love it. I love hearing Brianna cry and being able to scoop her up and comfort her. I love knowing that she's hungry and knowing that means I get to sit with her for the next 30-45 minutes to feed her. I love taking her out and showing her off. I love putting her in the kitchen in her carseat and talking to her while I make a new recipe. I love reading to her. I love hearing Stephen talk to her in his "daddy" voice, and I particularly love when she smiles or giggles when he is playing with her. Coincidence? I doubt it. She knows her daddy. I love that we haven't had to change our lives around, but have made this incredibly smooth transition to incorporate her into the things we love (i.e. parties, game nights, having fun, and being with family are a few examples!)

Sorry for the mush, but I'm just amazed how cool this little girl is! I don't want her to grow up but I definitely can't wait for certain things. I hope she has the relationship with me that both Jenn and I have with our mom. I will feel so lucky if that happens!


Two Scoops of Shoup said...

Just so you know I'm jealous LOL. I can't wait to have an addition to our family. We still have a lot to do but next year hopefully we'll be welcoming a new addition as well. I wish we lived closer so we could have the pleasure of meeting your little girl!

jennifer said...

Hey, love-struck mama ... She is indeed one amazing, charming, cool baby. It's in her genes. I love you tons!

jennifer said...

P.S. Just noticed your sidebar calendar -- totally empty. NICE.