Monday, May 18, 2009

May, Right?

Is it just me or is it uncomfortably chilly lately around here? says it's 64, and our thermostat inside says 71 but that doesn't explain why I've been walking around wearing thick socks and a heavy fuzzy sweater for two days. I mean, this sweater is so fuzzy and thick that I'm afraid of Brianna coughing up a hairball one of these days. This is NOT May weather! Or maybe it is, and I'm just in denial.
Weather aside, this weekend was really nice. I don't dread weekdays anymore, particularly because I'm not woken up by an alarm anymore. It's so nice to let your body be your alarm clock. I always feel much more refreshed. But I do dread weekends being over still. Mondays mean Stephen has to go back to work, which is fine, because someone has to make ends meet! But having many hours together on the weekends is especially cool.

Saturday night was our Mother/Daughter banquet at church. I am someone who is extremely fortunate, because I was able to bring my mother and daughter to the banquet for the first time ever! While I'm on this subject, I found an old journal of mine on Saturday when I was cleaning out the attic. In it I was writing things I was grateful for, and I made certain to write how thankful I was for my three moms - mom, Leila, and Liz (Taylor). I have written before about how blessed I've been with the women in my life, and considering that journal entry was written about 9 years ago, that seems to be pretty consistent in my life! I'm really grateful for that.

Mothers and daughters:

We had a great time at the banquet, eating steaks and sides, chatting with the other ladies there, and then hearing a great Bible lesson from Jan. After mom and I got home, we dropped Brianna at the curb with dad so mom and I could run to Lowe's for a couple of quick grocery items. You can read all about the fun that Bri and dad had here.

Sunday we were able to make it to church again. I thought Stephen was going to have a heart attack because Brianna has definitely solidified her personality as a grunter, and she made it a point to stretch and grunt at various times in the sermon. Certainly she wasn't loud enough to bother anyone, but I could just feel the sweat dripping from his forehead every time she made a sound. Sunday night we went back for youth drama practice. We found out later that our preacher put us on the prayer list during the night service... because we were late for the first time ever that morning!! He knows Stephen well enough to know that this could have been disastrous. But not surprisingly, Stephen is really laidback when it comes to things regarding Brianna. Late for church because of her? No problem! Spit up on the couch? No biggie! Poop sliding out from the diaper? Well, we have to draw the line somewhere. Anyway, we got a kick out of that.

So here it is, the beginning of another week, and I have no idea what's in store. I do know that I'm actually going to accomplish something tonight (laundry) and then I'll celebrate by having some raspberry cheesecake that I was able to make earlier (from a box)! Then we'll just see what comes next in this sweet, sweet life.

Stephen gives Bri a bottle for his first time (no, we don't make bottles a habit around here!):

Tummy time! i.e. gnaw on the couch time:

One happy baby!!


jennifer said...

a) Yes, it's too cold for May. b) I love how much you're loving life. c) Do you want to hang out tomorrow night??

togarner said...

That is so sweet that 3 generations of Loyd women get to enjoy Mother's Day. I hope you had a great first Mother's Day. Brianna is so precious.