Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lovely Weekend

We have had yet another great week and weekend around the Talbert homestead. Actually, I can't remember all of what we did during the week. You know how my memory is.

Thursday night Brianna and I were lucky enough to be able to go out for dinner. We met up with Jenn and went to Lauren G.'s house first, to see her and the kids. It was REALLY cute!! I walked in and took Bri out of her car seat so that Lauren could hold her, and within a minute London had put her baby dolls in the car seat and wrapped blankets around them. Too cute! I held Dylan for a while but he just seemed so big compared to Brianna! And I'm not used to holding older kids now I guess (he's a little over a year old). As we were leaving, London really started paying more attention to Brianna, and ended up stroking her foot, whispering, "Bye, baby" as we were walking out the door. Then we went to Beefeater's, meeting Matt, Jacob and Carrie, to eat out for Carrie's birthday which was earlier in the week. Jenn was selfless enough to treat all of us with a gift certificate she had! Yums! I love Beefeaters and we rarely go. It's just too crowded usually, and pretty expensive. But I love the food. Afterward, I came back here and completed my project of the day which was cleaning out our junk drawers in the kitchen. They are all now organized and actually one is practically empty, which is nice.

Thursday afternoon, Brianna and I were fortunate enough to be able to meet up with Granny and Granddaddy for lunch! We hit "our spot", the local Chinese restaurant, and it was delicious as usual. We frequent the restaurant so much that the waitresses had been asking Granddaddy all about Brianna, and he wanted to show her off. So we were finally able to go and let them all see her! She was so good.

I got another package in the mail from Kelly in Italy!! You won't believe what was in this package...

Aren't they GORGEOUS!? They are matching masks from Italy for me and Brianna! These pictures don't do them justice. They're breathtaking, and if I'm correct, they're handmade. I want to put them somewhere around the house so that people can see them, but someday I want to be able to wear them together. Brianna's is just a little too big for her face right now!

Saturday we had big plans. We have been making room at our house for another new arrival... but this one stays outside! Several years ago in Charleston we bought an old Honda from our friend Javier Lopez (okay, not that Javier Lopez) and it has lasted us for a long time, even though it was almost ten years old when we bought it. Well, we have finally sold it:

And Saturday we drove down to Hope Mills to pick up Stephen's latest obsession...

So we went from having a 1996 Honda to a 1981 Blazer. This thing is HUGE. I drove it a little bit (Stephen loved that) and it's so hard to drive! It definitely reminds me of all the cars I grew up driving.

Saturday, Brianna and I played a new game. We really like this game! I place an object in front of her (usually something that makes a little noise) until she focuses on it. Then I move it slowly to one side so that she can follow it with her eyes. Then I move it back in front of my face, remove it, and call her name, smiling, until she smiles at me. The first time I thought it was a fluke, but we played for several minutes, and then she did it in front of Stephen. We played a different version tonight, just with me calling her name and moving from side to side. She is so alert! We love playing games like this with her. She has the prettiest smile, and when she's in the right mood, it's so easy to get her to smile at us!

Stephen and I also had a game night. We love playing games but haven't in a few weeks. So last night I made a new recipe, and then we played a rowdy game of Scene-It, and I destroyed him. This morning we were able to make it to church with enough time for me to get into the choir loft and sing in the choir. This evening was so dreary with the rain and everything that the three of us laid down for a nap, and when we woke up it was only 30 minutes until we needed to leave for church and Bri still needed to eat. Needless to say, that's why I'm sitting here posting on the blog while Stephen is at church!! Well, that's all for now. I'm looking forward to Stephen having tomorrow off! Who knows what is in store... !

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Two Scoops of Shoup said...

The masks are handmade from a really nice Italian lady...she is always showing me new ones she had made becuase I've bought so many from her! I think she also put those clear plastic (looks like price tag holder things) in the box...well if she did and you still have those you can loop them through the eyes and connect them. Its how we hung ours on the walls. I'm glad you liked them and I was worried they got lost in the mail!