Friday, May 15, 2009

#37 - Finally make creme brulee

Well, I finally got around to making creme brulee. A couple of years ago I got a creme brulee kit at Target after Christmas that was 75% off so it was like $5. I jumped at the chance because it came with the ramekins and Stephen was excited because it came with the "flame thrower". I finally got around to using it all today to try out a box kit of creme brulee that I've had for a while. I guess I didn't let it sit long enough, or there's a good possibility that the stuff had expired, because it was still kind of runny when it was all over, not custardy like I've always had it. I didn't even test it because I'm not a fan of food poisoning. Mark my words, I will try this again someday!

I have forgotten for several days now to announce some great news - Stephen finally heard about that job he applied for. He got it! So he is officially the shop chief now. Well, I guess it'll still be a couple of weeks until he actually starts doing the job, and then he'll switch back to day shift. He also got a sweet cash bonus and some "reward" extra leave days as a bonus as well. Plus the job comes with a raise, so we are really thankful for this!
When he was home the first two weeks after Brianna was born, he was all the time getting phone calls, fielding questions from guys at work as well as new airmen coming to Pope. Today he took a phone call from a new airman who had enough questions to keep Stephen on the phone 25 minutes! I said, "So do you get those phone calls now that you're shop chief?" And he said, "No, I got the shop chief job because I get those phone calls!" In other words, he's been doing that job, just not getting paid for it, or the title.
I am really proud of him because he has always moved up really quickly in rank, and has always been really respected at work. He is such a hard worker. He beat out a lot of guys for this position that are a lot older than him, but he definitely deserves it. He's done an amazing job for only being 25 years old. I'm so proud of him!


jennifer said...

Yay for Stephen! He totally does deserve that promotion, and could the timing for a raise/cash bonus/extra days off possibly be better?!

Two Scoops of Shoup said...

You tell that hubby of yours congrats! and I wish we had a shop chief like him when I was active duty! That's so cool for him though!

Oh did I tell you I mailed that present for you and Brianna? I'll have to send a box of chocolate to Stephen for the promotion LOL!

Ken Loyd said...

We are so proud of Stephen, too. He earns everything the military gives him. We're especially proud of Brianna for all kinds of reasons. We're proud of you, Amanda, for not trying the possibly tainted creme brulee! Taking care of Mommy is a priority!