Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots of Firsts

The past week we have had lots of "firsts" around here! Tuesday, Brianna went to her first Cinco de Mayo party. Jenn invited us to Stephen K.'s house to have Bri make her debut. She was really good and it was nice to have a night out! Bri was definitely spoiled by all the attention, although technically she did sleep through most of it.

Thursday, we decided to go to mom and dad's because Brianna had never been to their house! We had a great time just hanging out. And Christy M. was driving by, and saw my car, so she was able to stop and see Brianna for the first time! We got home too late that night to go for a walk but it was definitely a lot of fun going to see mom and dad.

Every other night we have been able to go for a walk around our mile-long loop in our neighborhood. Half the time Brianna sleeps through these walks but I love them! The other half she is really alert, probably just picking up the scents and sounds to make up for the fact that she can't focus on anything yet!

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, we went to church so that Bri could make her debut there! Of course she was a hit, and even though she was awake for quite a while during church, she was really good. Stephen didn't put her down once, so I was only able to hold her about 30 seconds!! After church, we came home and grilled out, took a nap, and went for another walk around the neighborhood. What a great afternoon!

For Mother's Day, Stephen got me a digital picture frame. I'm actually surprised he got me anything because I definitely didn't want or expect anything. But this is great! We can create slideshows of as many pictures as we want (well, I think technically it's somewhere around 75 pictures or something) and add or delete as we wish. Great idea!!

Okay, here we go. These are pictures I haven't uploaded yet, so be prepared. I was very picky and I still feel like I'm overloading y'all. But she's just SO CUTE!!!!

10 days old: First walk around the neighborhood!

Bri and her uncle Josh:

Tummy time!

That's a beautiful smile!!

First bath!

Bath time again!

Dressed up for church!


Gail said...

I could never overdose on Brianna pictures!!! It is also nice to see pictures of her mother and father.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've been reading your site for the last few months. I found it while "pregnancy surfing" when I was pregnant, too. Our baby was born Jan 23rd, so congrats from a total stranger on your new addition!

Warner Robins, GA

Kaitlin said...

Brianna is just so cute. Thank you for letting me hold her the other day! =)