Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is this website that I have recently found out about - My Life Is Average. I LOVE this website. Strangely enough, I am also loving the book I'm reading at the moment - Cure For the Common Life. Funny! And ironic. Anyway, I started thinking about all the stuff I do every day that is really average, but... it's my life and I love it.

Today I sang Michelle by the Beatles to Brianna, except I sang, "Bri-bell, ma belle" instead of "Michelle, ma belle". Gotta start them early on the Beatles you know.

I finished a Lifetime movie with Brianna sitting on my lap. She was enthralled with it as much as I was.

I made monkey bread - sooooo good.

Granny came over and was able to see Bri put on a show, complete with talking, smiling, and flailing her arms and legs (one of her new favorite things to do).

I wrote 10 articles in just a couple of hours.

I wrote a letter to a friend I hadn't written in months.

I started a new game with Bri where I lift her into sitting position using only her hands, forcing her to keep her head straight.

I read a couple of chapters in my book while nursing Brianna.

After Stephen came home, we put Bri down for tummy time and we each got on one side, making her turn from side to side to look at both of us.

I attempted to take videos of Bri while she was talking to me, but the camera distracts her too much.

I just sat and watched Brianna as she chewed on her lower lip until spit dribbled down her chin.

Stephen pulled out two stitches from where I had a mole removed a couple of weeks ago. We weren't sure if they were dissolvable or not, but they came out without issue.

So maybe my life is average. But there's absolutely nothing I'd change about it.


Ken Loyd said...

Some people would give ANYTHING to have an "average" life like yours! It's great!

Anonymous said...

yea, but where are pics of Bri

jennifer said...

What a great post -- and I second Dad's comment. I love you!