Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday, Part 3

Yes, I am just now blogging about the last part of Saturday, April 24. No, my life isn't busy at all.

When we left our story, we had just gotten home from the shaving ceremony. We had to leave early because we had VERY special guests arriving from out of town! Brianna's Nenah and Papa were coming! These are her great-grandparents who she has seen only a couple of times before. They were coming to celebrate her birthday!

Brianna gladly opened her birthday present from Nenah and Papa which turned out to be the fanciest dress I have ever seen for a little girl! It is gorgeous and Nenah also bought her socks and shoes! Sad to say I did not take any pictures because I was helping Brianna open her present. We did eat cookie cake for dessert and then ordered pizza for dinner (we had our priorities straight!!) and I got a few pictures of that. Bri's family from GA really decorated the dining room!!

These pictures were from our video camera, and I'm not sure why they're so dark and blurry. We're going to have to check the settings on there. A few days later, Brianna got a big package in the mail. What could it be!?!?

What does the card say??

It's from the Georgia gang!! Her birthday presents arrived!

She loved the card because of all the glitter! (just like her mama)

Enough chit-chat, what's in here??

Personally designed by... well, you can figure that out!

A pool float! We're going to need this at the beach this summer!!

As soon as she saw the corner of this, she knew what it was:

2 Veggietales and a Bug Rangers!!

Look at my new outfit!

I love my new books!!

Thank you to everyone who made her birthday fabulous!! We've set mighty high standards for the next years!!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Each year she is going to be expecting more and more. What have we done?


Tracey Garner said...

I celebrate my birthday for a whole month (Feb. is a short month). I am glad to see the celebration is still going on for Brianna.