Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week Two of Food Co-op and Other Misc.

This week was our second delivery of the food co-op we joined for the summer. Stephen was definitely not thrilled with our last delivery - he ate the carrots and strawberries with glee but only ate the tomatoes and lettuce in tacos. I wasn't discouraged; after all, I froze whatever Brianna and I didn't eat from the box.

Yesterday's box was much more thrilling to him! Included in this box: carrots, lettuce, strawberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bok choy, squash, and peaches!

The carrots look much more lively this week, and that squash won't last for long. The peaches are perfect for his lunches, and I'm just glad they were able to squeeze out a couple more sweet potatoes in this season! He can't pronounce bok choy so I highly doubt he'll even try it, but I'm certainly willing to throw it in a few recipes. I love a cooking challenge!

This is all the blogging I'm going to do for now - I'm on a cleaning streak in the house while Brianna is napping, and I don't want to take a break for too long. I do want to blog very soon about some incredible things that have been happening with Fed By Faith - got to share it with everyone!!

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