Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Mature

She despises her sippy cups (we're still transitioning) but she'll drink from a cup by herself?

Yesterday as I was feeding her lunch, instead of pointing to this cup (graciously donated to us by Renee!), she simply picked it up by the handle, sipped from it, put it down, and pointed back to her food. I love it because when I try to have her drink from a cup I can never see the liquid, so it either spills or I end up drowning her. This way, she determines how much she is getting. I guess it makes her feel grown up. Works for me!

Now if she would do that with her sippy cup instead of pointing at me to hold it for her....

1 comment:

Brooke and Johnathan said...

That picture looks exactly like your blog profile picture... like mother, like daughter... too cute!