Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hectic Life

Man, things have just been nonstop around here lately. For some reason even though our calendar doesn't have a lot of stuff on it, the days fill up very quickly, as well as the days, and suddenly our week is overwhelming! This has been happening quite a lot lately and it almost makes me look forward to October, when Hunter is here and I can just eat, sleep, and play with him, Bri and Stephen, and have no other responsibilities for a while. People will expect me to nap at random hours and want to hang out at home, and they won't expect me to come in to work or do other tasks that I probably should say no to but can't.

Monday night (the 9th) was actually a night off. Instead of having our monthly ladies group meeting we all met at Olive Garden for dinner. There were 30 or so of us there so it was pretty rowdy. I sat with several ladies who are newish to the church and I had so much fun. I love these nights once a month because you get to make the rounds of who you hang out with and really get to know new people. Stephen watched Brianna so I didn't feel rushed to get home or feel guilty about staying gone for over three hours.

Tuesday night we had plans to go to mom and dad's. They wanted to cook for us for Stephen's birthday. Looking back we probably should have postponed this dinner, because we ended up not seeing them for very long it seemed like! We wanted to make an appearance at the funeral home for Tim which was all the way in Star. We ate with mom and dad and then left Bri with them while we drove to the big city of Star. It's a 30-minute ride from mom and dad's, and then even though our friends Brian and Rebecca let us cut in line we still didn't leave from there until about 9:00 or a little after. By the time we got back to the house, we really didn't even have time to have birthday cake. They took a slab and we took the rest home to eat later.

Wednesday mom and dad kept Bri again while I went to Tim's funeral in the morning. I went back to their house for lunch, and then did the usual work/grocery shopping that I do on Wednesdays. Then I ran home just in time to leave for youth group. I had to teach that night so I wanted to go over my lesson one more time. By the time we got home from church I was exhausted, needless to say.

Thursday I wanted to go to work but Stephen had a dentist appointment, so instead I did some more grocery shopping and shopping for Fed By Faith - one of my favorite pastimes! That night my friend Allison was having a jewelry show at another friend's house, and I wanted to go support her. Stephen dropped me off and he and Brianna went to Betty's house to see Stephen's family. That was another great night because I felt for a couple of hours that I could just relax!! There were lots of women there I didn't know and several I did know but it was nice just to get together. I can't really afford any of that jewelry but it's always fun to look anyway! By the time we got home from that it was very late so we just put Bri to bed and then I crashed after finishing my chores up.

Friday Brianna and I went to Jenn's house to start organizing for the yard sale we were having on Saturday. It was harder than last time because Claire and Brianna wanted to explore everything! A couple of hours into our undertaking, dad came over to drop some tables off and he insisted on taking Bri back to their house to surprise mom. I felt guilty for having them watch her yet again but I knew we could get so much more done if she wasn't wandering around. Plus, Claire was about to go down for a nap. Jenn and I were able to finish up all we were going to do for the day, and then I ran to the bank to get a bunch of cash for change for the yard sale. When I got to mom and dad's to pick Brianna up I got to see her in their pool! They are always talking about pool time but since it happens while I am at work I never get to be a witness to it. She was having a ball and honestly, mom and dad were too. She loves that pool time. I'm not sure what will be the replacement for that in the winter... bath time? :) She loves bath time too so that might be just as good. Haha! Anyway, I ended up calling Stephen and asking him to pick her up from mom and dad's so I could go to work again. Luckily he was getting off on time for the first time in forever and he graciously picked her up! I came home from work at 6:00 to find both of them fast asleep. I know he has been exhausted - working 20 days in a row this month and overtime many nights, and then the past week has been crazy with stuff to do every single night. He's been living on a few hours of sleep and no nap time. At least I can take a nap if I really have to, but he's also working in this heat every day which I'm sure doesn't help. Anyway, once I got home from work I really wanted to run to the store, so we went out there and I told Stephen to go pick out any steaks he wanted while Brianna and I did a Super Double coupon trip. He came back with almost two pounds of filet mignon. When he splurges, he really splurges!! When we got home it was already time to bathe Bri and get her to bed, and then once again, after we finished a quick dinner and chores it was bedtime for us too.

Saturday morning I was up at 6:25am. That is uncalled for. But I had to shower and chug a cup of coffee before leaving to set up the yard sale at Jenn's. Brianna usually sleeps until 9ish so mom and dad graciously offered to get to our house at 7am so that she could continue sleeping while I left. Our yard sale started at 8am but when I called Jenn at 7:10 to tell her I was on the way she informed me there were already three cars out front. She was trying to feed herself and Claire breakfast, plus we didn't have anything set out yet - what are people thinking?!?! I love yard sales as much as the next person but I try to be respectful and not show up an hour early!! These must be people who can't sleep in. I don't know anything about that.

Our yard sale lasted until a little after noon. I'm not sure how much Jenn made, I made somewhere between $40-50 which isn't too bad but the important thing is all that stuff is GONE! I brought home three big items (a ferret cage and two terrariums) and then five small items but all the rest that didn't sell was donated to a local organization. I did not want to bring any of that crap home.

When I got home, mom and dad were still standing. It sounded like they had had a great morning but I knew Bri was probably ready for a nap. I KNEW knew that I was!! I laid her down and then I laid down as well. A mere hour later she was ready to go! Me - not so much. But, what are ya gonna do?

Saturday night Stephen cooked two of our filets and they were sooooo good. This was our first night at home that we were actually relaxing... not rushing to do anything... could just sit and talk, and eat, watch TV if we felt like it, go to bed early (which means 10:30 lately)... it was just nice.

Sunday morning I had asked to sing a song but I didn't know until I walked into church that I was "approved". The guy who handles all that and I didn't have very good communication during the week. Fortunately I had brought my CD and sang Barlowgirl's "I Need You to Love Me" which was a request from a friend. Unfortunately I forgot my lyrics. Fortunately I know that song by heart. It worked out. After church Brianna and I were invited to mom and dad's for lunch since Stephen was working and mom was making her famous meatloaf. I have never eaten meatloaf except for mom's. There is something about meatloaf that just doesn't look or sound appealing to me in restaurants, cookbooks, or other people's houses. (If you invite me to dinner and make meatloaf I would eat it though. :) ) But mom's is just the BEST! Unfortunately Brianna wouldn't try it. She wanted some comfort foods like bananas and cucumbers but that's okay. I will get her to eat meatloaf one day and then I will have an excuse to make it at home! When we got home Brianna fell asleep and I got together my coupons. Later I made a shopping trip for a friend at church, and when Stephen got home around 6pm we were ready to go to church. Just a little late for choir practice (it starts at 5:30). He was supposed to be home at 5:00 but he's never on time anymore. Cindy asked if his promotion was actually a demotion and I said it kind of feels like that sometimes! I can't complain though - he doesn't, so I can't.

Okay now I feel like I have wasted time by writing this blog. It took me 30 minutes to write this - 30 minutes that Bri has been playing quietly in her crib (not napping) but now I hear this thumping from upstairs which means she is doing one of her favorite things which is either kicking the crib rails or banging one of her baby dolls against the rails. If it's a baby doll and it lands on the floor she will have a spaz attack because she won't be able to reach it to play with it anymore. I better go now so I can get some chores done while she's not underneath my feet!!

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