Monday, August 2, 2010

July Goals

As listed here, I created goals for July that I wanted to accomplish. Let's see how I did...

  • $100 grocery budget - BUST! (By $9.00!)
  • 6 new recipes - CHECK!
  • 5 books read and out of the house - CHECK!
  • $10 sold on eBay - CHECK!
  • organize 300 coupons - CHECK!
  • make X amount of money - CHECK!
So now I need to create my goals for August.

My goals for August are pretty much the same as July.
  • $100 grocery budget
  • 6 new recipes
  • 5 books read and gone from the house
  • $10 worth of items sold on ebay
  • make X amount of money to go toward our savings
  • organize 500 coupons
  • clean out my sock drawer
I'm sure I will come across other things I need to do as I go along in the month, but for now these are my basic goals!

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