Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Church was awesome this morning! As usual. While I am waiting for our chicken parmesan to cook, I figured I would put some pictures up.

Brianna loves this Baby. But that does not stop her from putting Baby in a pot. Let's hope she doesn't do this to the real baby in October...

"Twelve Dancing Princesses" - one of her new favorites. She will just lounge around reading this looooooong book:

"Excuse me, you're interrupting my reading, Mom!!"

A coworker of Stephen's and his wife stopped by the other night. I found out he loves blueberries so I ran out to our bushes to pick the first batch I have picked this year. I think this is probably close to a pint, and I was only out there 3-4 minutes! I need to remember to keep picking them.

Brianna smooches on her daddy:

Open-mouth, lots-of-tongue kissing going on here!

And another piece of news! Exactly two years ago today I blogged that Stephen had gotten a promotion at work. I am so thrilled and excited to tell you that he has reached another promotion!! Say hello to one of the youngest (if not the youngest) Master Sergeants on Pope Air Force Base! He works so hard and is an incredible shop chief, so I am really not surprised that he got this promotion.

It will be a while now before the next promotion comes around, but this is a huge blessing from God and I am so proud of Stephen! He definitely deserves it. I love you babe, congratulations!!

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