Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catching Up

Now's the time I have to remember everything that happened this week and catch up on all of it! Hah. That's not gonna happen! But I will try to remember the highlights.

Monday morning was Brianna's first day at Mom's Morning Out. It runs for ten weeks so will give me a short break from her for a few hours on Mondays which I thought would particularly come in handy after Hunter gets here. At this MMO, each mom is asked to volunteer one morning. I asked the woman in charge if I could volunteer the first day so that I can get it out of the way and not have to worry about scheduling a day after Hunter's born that really doesn't work for me. She was really excited - said that no one ever wants to work the first day. It turned out to be a dream for me because only six kids showed up (I think there will normally be ten there). The time actually went by really quickly. Bri seemed to adapt really quickly, playing by herself and throwing herself at Kathryn (the woman in charge) every time she brought out Froot Loops or Goldfish. That poor woman has no clue what she's dealing with. Bri can eat a package of Goldfish in two days if we let her have them every time she wants them. No joke. Anyway, she got her first experience on an indoor slide which was the most exciting thing. She just climbed right up the little rock wall and slid right down, although sometimes she did pause to do a little dance at the top if music was playing. I seriously think she could have done that all day long. She was a little slower than the other kids - she's the youngest except for one other - so a few times she did get shoved to the side so another child could slide. One little girl was pretty aggressive with the other children, so Brianna did spend some time in tears, but I'm sure as the weeks go on it will get better. And some things happen between kids, and I really believe they just don't understand that what they're doing is something the other kid won't like. If that sentence makes sense. For example, Brianna would walk in the play house, leaving the door open behind her, and another little boy would come over and slam the door. That kept upsetting her for some reason. So we just tried to watch to make sure he didn't keep slamming it, we tried to explain that it's okay to leave the door open!! He didn't understand why he couldn't close it and Bri didn't understand why he wouldn't leave it open. That's the problem with kids this age... they don't understand enough English!! Joking!

My 36-week doctor's appointment was Wednesday and it was very uneventful as usual, except they were running late already and it was only 9:00am. That led me to believe the rest of their day was not going to get any better. Now I will go to the doctor every week until Hunter comes. With Brianna, I was checked for progression at 37 weeks, but the doctor I saw Wednesday told me they wouldn't check me until 38 weeks because of the risk of infection. Who knows? I see a different doctor every time so I guess it will just depend on who I see.

Last night Jenn, Matt and Claire begged us to let Bri stay over while we had a date night. Actually, they wanted her to spend the night but I was afraid Bri would be a drama queen and keep Claire up all night. Turns out I shouldn't have worried about that - Claire was in bed around 7:00 they said! We went to Olive Garden and then Harris Teeter to do a Super Doubles trip. I know, Stephen is such a great husband! Anyway, they said she was great, so hopefully that is true. Anywhere that has toys and books is pretty much paradise for her. Plus Claire has this awesome ball pit so it doesn't get much cooler than that. Thank you Kirbys for allowing us a few quiet hours!

As we sat in Olive Garden next to a little girl in her high chair screaming her head off:
Stephen: That's not MY kid!
Me: For once.
Me: Actually, that probably is your kid right now, we just can't hear her.
Stephen: Then that's not MY problem!

Alright, let me get some of these pictures off my camera.

Bri's latest thing - she wants to put everyone's shoes on, or if she already has shoes on she will put them on you. Or over her shoes. She can also put her own shoes on correctly about 20% of the time, so that's fun to watch!

Don't call Social Services, she WANTED to sweep!! Who am I to stop her??

One night we were all sitting around snacking on popcorn. While we ate, Stephen was reading a book to Bri and doing animal noises. When he got to the deer, I teased him by saying, "And what does a deer say, daddy??" I should have known better. He just got up, went to his hunting gear, and brought back a deer call. Needless to say Brianna spent much of the rest of the night blowing on this thing!! I had to post both videos because they're both cute in different ways. Of course I am her mom so I think that!

One of my baby shower gifts for Hunter was a blanket. But when Brianna saw it, she grabbed it up! Then she just wanted to cuddle. She loved that blanket!

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