Friday, September 24, 2010

Old School

That title is literal. This post is about some "old school" stuff but it really is about old school stuff. Tracey is always putting up old pictures on Facebook (I went through that phase too when I got my new scanner!) and so when I came across my old English notebook in the attic today I wanted to post this story. This was 1992 so I was 11 years old at the time. Please note I am not changing any grammatical or spelling errors. Also, I really liked to italicize. The prompt? Write a story persuading your parents to let you be the first student on the moon....

I wrote this as a play.

Setting: Running very fast home from school.

Amanda: (running in) Mom! Guess what?
Mom: (sighing) What now?
Amanda: You know all those... lies about me going to the moon?
Mom: Oh yeah. Now I bet you're really going to the moon! Ha!
Amanda: How did you guess?
Mom: Yeah, right!
Amanda: But, but, but... it's TRUE!
Mom: Ken, can you call the doctor?
Dad: Yes, dear!
Amanda: But, but...
Mom: Now go on to bed. Get a good nap. I'm sure the doctor will be here in a few minutes.
Amanda: Mooooooooom!
Dad: Dear, what is the matter with her?
Mom: (sighing) Oh, she thinks she's going to the moon.
Dad: What is wrong with that? We'd get rid of her wouldn't we?
Mom: (slapping dad) How can you say that?
Dad: How can you slap that hard? Ow!
Mom: Oh, sorry.
Dad: Yeah, right!

Well, it ended Amanda got to go because, "But Mom, everyone's going!" So she went, and came back, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Except Jennifer.

Jennifer: Mom! This is the first line I've had in the play!
Mom: That's your problem dear.


My notes on this story from the teacher were: Very well written, Very creative ideas, and Neat! Also, let me just point out the fact that at this stage in life Jennifer was spelling her name "Jenifer" (I'll let her discuss that if she feels so led) and I spelled it that way in the story. I got a red mark through each instance I spelled her name "incorrectly". Isn't that funny??

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