Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Forget

It's only been 17 months since Brianna was this age, and yet I've already forgotten so much.
  • All the wrinkly skin
  • Hair in random places (fortunately Bri is NOT still blessed with back hair)
  • the pitiful cries
  • the magnetism when your hours-old baby opens his eyes and stares dead at you
  • they prefer contact with you over their bassinet
  • they love to move
  • deadly claws for fingernails
  • surprising burps
  • the fact that I cried already just looking at him and realizing how blessed we are
  • even if you are starving or exhausted you want them to get straightened out before you
  • I'm not that bad at one-handed typing
  • I'm getting ready to read an awful lot of books or watch lots of TV during his mealtime
  • everything else in life just became a little less significant (except for prayer!)
  • still in shock that I'm not supposed to drive a car for 1-2 weeks...
  • mittens don't stay on hands that don't stay still
  • facial expressions
  • life slows down a little bit
  • big yawns
  • gummy mouth
We were cleared to come home tonight. I am just staying up until Hunter's next feeding - 20 minutes - and then I will sleep, and hopefully he will too. So excited about this little boy. I think we will keep him.


EmWalker said...

I cannot WAIT to see picture of him!!! New borns days are so special and it is crazy how soon they pass and you forget the small details. Reading this just made me remember a lot too. Precious.

Gail said...

I love you guys!!! Really excited about meeting him and loving on his big sister.