Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brianna is Thankful

I know this isn't the best picture ever, but my scanner isn't big enough to do the whole thing. For Thanksgiving, Brianna's class made these thankfulness wreaths (I'm pretty sure thankfulness isn't a word... stick with me) and I wanted to share hers because I thought it was really precious!

They put on their "family" section who in their families they are thankful for. I am grateful that Brianna put all of us on there - Mom, Dad, and Hunter!!

In the "friends" category she put Rileigh, Bryce, Lucas, and Martha Anne - four of her very best friends at preschool. But she also put "Caleb". Considering there is no Caleb at her preschool that I know of, I am thinking this is her newest cousin, Kaleb. This was made right around the first time we were meeting him so I'm thinking that stuck in her brain!

In the "Jesus" category she put that she is thankful for chapel. They do chapel on Fridays at school and she loves it. She especially loves taking her tithe to give!

They were allowed to put anything else they are thankful for. Of course Brianna put dancing. Shocking.

Love this - it will make for a great memory!

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