Saturday, December 3, 2011

College Life

When I left for college (Go Mountaineers!), Gail gave me a book called "College Life". It was supposed to be a journal of sorts. I found it the other day and thought some of the things were fun to re-read.

Packing It All Up
"I went through five suitcases and duffel bags and so many bags for my "trinkets". This is insane! Am I packing too much??"

I'm gonna miss...
"Stephen. Mom washing my clothes for me. Jenn. Phase 10."

Advice I took with me
"Don't let anything pass you by. If you think you'll regret not doing something a year from now, just do it!"

Modes of transportation
- Appalcart
- Get ride from someone
- Walking (there are several stars next to this one; my main transportation!)

Why I Love This School
"It is full of awesome people. Everyone is so great! Classes are great, professors are overall cool, VIEW IS GORGEOUS!"

Best first-week activities
"Running around with Mary, Kristin, Lauren, Jess; meeting people; ice cream social"

About my living space
"Uh, 10x15. Enough said."

Extra-curricular activities
"Movies, Wing Night"

Cool care packages
"From Jenn - Contained pixie sticks, socks, candy and a card!"

Cool concerts
"Weekend Excursion" (If you know the story behind this concert this is even funnier.)

What finals I breezed through
"Old Testament Literature, Sociology, Statistics, Social Problems"

What finals I simply dreaded
"Geography, Archaeology, Social Issues"

About halfway through my second semester of freshman year I started a blog (not posting a link to that blog so no one can get any incriminating information from it!) so I quit writing as much in this book. It's still funny to me to see some of the pictures I put in here and little notes and stuff. I love finding things like this!

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