Friday, December 30, 2011

Three Cups

A couple of weeks ago I won a book giveaway at the blog of Kingdom First Mom, which is an awesome blog and I highly recommend you check her out!

The book is called Three Cups and I really want to recommend it to you. It is a story about a child who is given three cups for his fifth birthday. His parents explain that they feel it is time for him to receive an allowance, but every time he gets an allowance, some will go into a cup for savings, a cup for spending, and a cup for giving. It explains how the older he gets he is able to keep putting money into each of these cups. Eventually he opens a small bank account with his savings, he saves enough money in his "spending" cup to buy a baseball glove he wants, and eventually with his giving cup he saves enough money to buy eight cans of food for the needy, and helps deliver those cans to those in need.

I loved this book because it's a children's book so it was short, but it's the exact message I want to give to our kids. I feel like my parents always instilled this in us (unfortunately I went a little overboard on the "spending" part during part of my adult life!!) and it's something I really want to talk about with our kids.

So if you see this book around, please know that I highly recommend it for those with young children!

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