Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Trip Part 2 - Aquarium

 While we were at the beach of course we had to take the kids to the aquarium! We've never taken either of them so they were both REALLY excited! (And I was really excited about the 75% discount that Ripley's gives to military!!)

 As soon as we stepped into the lobby the kids were already enthralled with the huge fish tanks. Who can blame them? I LOVE aquariums!

 Oma gave the kids these awesome glow-in-the-dark necklaces for their trek through the aquarium!

 Dinosaur exhibit! Some people thought it might be too scary for the kids - the T-Rex moves and roars. Our kids happened to think it was hilarious. What can I say - it's their generation that's totally immune to violence. :)

 Mermaid Boutique! Too cute!

 These pictures turned out awful and blurry but this was such a cool event that the Ripley's Aquarium has - a live mermaid show! Two mermaids swam in the stingray tank and danced to music, did flips, blew bubbles, etc. It was really cute! Stephen and Hunter - not so impressed. Brianna and I could have stayed there all afternoon!

Indoor playground? Yes, please!

 And of course, the staple to every good aquarium - a "Nemo" fish and a "Dory" fish. Our kids love the movie Finding Nemo so they yelled those names over and over again as the fish swam around!

 Petting the stingrays!

 These kids were actually feeding the stingrays.

We loved our experience at the aquarium with the kids!

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